Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Wednesday, I'm in Love...

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It's Wednesday!  So that means we're already in the middle of the week, Hump Day, if you will.  Everyone needs a little pick-me-up around this time, right?  We decided that to help us get through the week we would share our favorite fictional love stories.  It can be a favorite of all time or from the book you're currently reading.  As long as it involves love, come on over and share!
This Wednesday, let’s discuss our favorite couple from a Paranormal.
Monica’s Choice
Paranormal is one of my favorite genres, so naming my favorite couple is harder than I thought it would be.  Hmmm...  Okay, I’ve got one, Jay and Violet from The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting.  They are best friends, pretty much from birth and I love watching the slow, plausible progression into something more.  Violet fights the attraction, gets sweat-inducing nervous around Jay and all the while he seems totally oblivious.  But is he really?  You’ll just have to read to find out.  This is one of the best YA books I have read in quite a while and I recommend it to anyone that loves a good Paranormal.  
Lindsey’s Choice
This was pretty tough for me too.  I mean, seriously, just one?  I guess there will plenty more Wednesdays. 
Now, when I read a book, I like a good love story, but I hate it when it starts to get a little too mushy (sorry Twilight, I loved the books but there were times when i got a little fed up).  I thought the love connection between Aislinn and Seth in Wicked Lovely was PERFECT.  Aislinn is shy, especially when it comes to dealing with boys.  She has a good friendship with Seth, who is no where near shy when it comes to girls.  He can get any girl he wants, and often does.  There is always a lot of energy between the 2 of them, and flirting lots of flirting.  I love the flirting.  Will they ever make a love connection?  Or will Keenan steal her heart before she has a chance to fall for Seth?  You'll have to read to find out.
Julianne’s Choice
Yes, i am in fact a REAL person. I am not just a figment of my sister's imagination. Anyways like my seesters I love reading Paranormal novels. I have been meaning to post for the past couple of weeks but I've been busy with the end of school and camp to get around to posting. So you get to hear my thoughts at last! So here goes....

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Jace and Clary have got to be hands down one of my most favorite couples ever. Since I have just finished reading the fourth book in the Mortal Instruments Series, they have been on my mind A LOT. Actually to be honest they are always on my mind because I just LOVE the two of them. I knew they were meant for each other since the moment they met. It maybe helped that Jace was also very, very sexy. When they found out that they were brother and sister, I went into denial and would not accept it. Throughout the whole series I just would not believe it. Besides them being possibly related they have to be one of the ANGSTIEST (I know that isn't a word but oh well) couples ever..... and i LOVE it. When I read scenes with them together I just can't help but smile and feel happy inside. You have to be wondering... are they related? You'll just have to read to find out.
Who is your favorite Paranormal couple in love?


Lisa B. said...

Hmmmmmmm. Paranormal love story. Not sure how many of those I have read. Honestly I got nothing. Sorry!!!

*Monica*Lindsey*Julianne* said...

I figured you probably wouldn't, but that's okay. We all know how you feel about ol' Bella and Eddie Boy.


@Julianne - I had typed my response at first about Jace and Clary and then decided against it. Even though they are one of my favorites.

I like our teasers at the end of our write-ups. Aren't we so tricksy...