Friday, June 17, 2011

Conspiracy in Death Review

Conspiracy in Death by JD Robb
5 Stars
At a time when human nature remains as predictable as death, a killer plays God - and puts innocent lives in the palm of his hand...
With the precision of a surgeon, a serial killer preys on the most vulnerable souls of the world's city streets. The first victim: a sidewalk sleeper, found dead in New York City. No bruises, no signs of struggle. Just a laser-perfect, fist-sized hole where his heart had once been. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is assigned to investigate. But in the heat of a cat-and-mouse game with the killer, Dallas's job is suddenly on the line. Now her hands are tied...between a struggle for justice - and a fight for her career...
This was a very complex installment in the In Death series.  Eve was on the search for a serial killer, dealing with a whiny police officer that had it out for her, flashbacks of a tormented childhood, terrible accusations abound, and fighting for her job.  Robb/Roberts has spun a great story and not a single aspect is neglected.  Where do I start?
Eve and Roarke prove once again to be the perfect team.  Their banter is entertaining, their love inspiring and their loyalty unbreakable.  There are great moments in their relationship in this book. 
So far this is my favorite in the series.  It was a bit more personal than the ones before it.  We see the the vulnerable side of Eve.  Her identity is in her career, and when that’s threatened, she starts to unravel.  On top of this, she’s having revealing flashbacks.  Rather than push them back into the dark, she decides to confront them.  My heart ached for her and Roarke as she recounts those early years.  As strange as it sounds, I think it’s those early years that give her the push she needs to fight for her life and for the lives of others.  
Even when she’s sorting through all the personal stuff, Eve doesn’t give up on her current case.  There’s a killer out there, and they’re not getting away...


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