Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Night! Movie Night!

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If we’re not talking about books, we’re probably discussing movies.  Even better, movies adapted from books.  Whether it’s which actors should play what character or what we picture the book’s world looking like on the silver screen, we’ll spend hours  deciding just what will make the movie perfect.  
This Friday let’s talk about who our favorite book character-to-movie character is.
This makes me want to lop off all of my hair!
I have not read these books yet, but I love Emma Watson as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.  It might be because I have a tiny girl-crush on her, but I think she’s just brilliant.  I’ve read a little here and there from the books and have heard an awful lot about Harry Potter (I have 3 siblings that are obsessed), so I feel like I can make an informed enough decision about this.  You’re more than welcome to disagree...  I have loved watching her grow from the awkward know-it-all to a stunning know-it-all.  Hermione is one of my favorite fictional characters and I haven’t even read the books!  So I obviously believe Miss Watson has done an excellent job with the character.  
My husband and I went to a movie last year, it might have even been Deathly Hallows Part 1, and I had a 10 minute chat with one of the concession stand workers about my love for Emma Watson.  He also agreed.  My husband just shook his head at me and laughed.  But she’s great!
Still romping through the wilderness...

Who is your favorite book character-to-movie character?


Lisa B. said...

Hmmmmm. Book to movie character. I have to go with the entire Twilight cast. ;)

*Monica*Lindsey*Julianne* said...

You kill me. I knew that would be your answer. You are always talking about how much you love them.


Lisa B. said...

Seriously, I loved both Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd in Where the Heart Is. Very Very Good. And I am so excited to see Dallas Bryce Howard as Hilly in The Help. Hurry and read it and we can go see it this summer when yu are here!!!

*Monica*Lindsey*Julianne* said...

I'll have it read before UT. Movie sounds like a plan.