Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Wednesday, I'm in Love...

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It's Wednesday!  So that means we're already in the middle of the week, Hump Day, if you will.  Everyone needs a little pick-me-up around this time, right?  We decided that to help us get through the week we would share our favorite fictional love stories.  It can be a favorite of all time or from the book you're currently reading.  As long as it involves love, come on over and share!
Monica’s Choice
Since I just finished Rebecca and it’s still fresh on my mind, I’ll go with Maxim and the 2nd Mrs. de Winter.  I wasn’t so sure about their romance for most of the book, but by the end and after a hefty revelation, a flip was switched and there was a new passion between the two of them.  I was satisfied the book ended where it did but I would have loved to see their relationship progress even more.  Especially picturing the handsome Laurence Olivier and the beautiful Joan Fontaine from the 1940 film adaptation.  Swoon. Worthy.
Lindsey’s Choice
Imagine a life where love does not exist.  With the absense of love there is also the absense of hate.  No hate in the world is a good thing, right?
That is the goal of the United Stetes in the book DeliriumLove is a disease, one that they are working to eradicate.  Love is a weakness.  It is an emotion that cannot be controlled.  People die in the name of love.  So why not end the pain that love can create?
Lena is less than 90 days away from getting the disease removed from her body.  She can't wait to get rid of it, but there is another part of her that is starting to realize she wants to love.
There are times in everyone's lives that I am sure they would love (haha) to get rid of the pain that love can cause.  But what would you do if that were actually possible?  Would you be happy?  Isn't happiness just a branch from the tree of love?  What would we really loose by taking love away?

Julianne’s Choice
Who is your favorite couple in love this week?

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