Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Wednesday, I'm in Love...

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It's Wednesday!  So that means we're already in the middle of the week, Hump Day, if you will.  Everyone needs a little pick-me-up around this time, right?  We decided that to help us get through the week we would share our favorite fictional love stories.  It can be a favorite of all time or from the book you're currently reading.  As long as it involves love, come on over and share!
Monica’s Choice
My favorite couple in love this week is Dru and Christophe from the Strange Angels series.  Although I think their love story is a bit lagging, I actually have enjoyed watching it blossom.  Dru very much did not want to like this guy, and I think he was immediately drawn to her.  He’s the epitome of a bad boy.  Raised by the King of vampires to kill, he’s dangerous and unpredictable.  Yet he’s reformed.  But just how much?  He always keeps his word when it comes to Dru and protects her with his own life.  She needs a little nudging in his direction, however, because she doesn’t quite trust him.  She knows he keeps things from her and hates it.  With that being said, she always feels safe when she knows he is near, and even safer when he’s holding her close.  Swoon-worthy!   
Here are some of my favorites quotes from Defiance (both said by Christophe):
“Skowroneczko moja.”  His right hand slid up the outside of my shoulder, along Graves’s coat, and he was touching my hair as well as breathing in my ear. All the blood sort of rushed to my head and made a sound like pulsing static.  “I won’t push, and I don’t pry. All I ask is a little attention. A little consideration.”
“I don’t blame you if it’s not . . . enough. I’m tainted, I know as much. Just . . . let me stay near you. Please.”
Lindsey’s Choice
The kids are in bed, the dishes are done, the laundry...well, the laundry is in a neat pile on the couch.  But that is okay.  Sitting in my purse, right now, is I Am Number 4.  Normally I would be excited about a book being in my purse but tonight I am equally excited about a movie.  I'm so excited because today is about fictional love stories.  While I wouldn't call this book a "love story" it fortunately has one in it.  And tonight I will be watching the movie and folding a mountain of laundry.
John (played by Alex Pettyfer, sigh) and Sarah (Diana Agron) are 2 high school students.  John has spent his entire life on earth running from one place to the next.  Never spending too much time in one area.  He has just moved to a tiny town in Paradise Ohio where he meets Sarah.  He says "I've never seen a girl so good-looking."  Sarah is such a nice person, she's honest, she's giving, and friends with everyone.  I look up to her in so many ways.  She remains true to herself.  John loves this about her and quickly falls in love.  One of my favorite parts from the book:
"I miss you," I say.
"You miss me? But I'm right here."
"That's the worst way to miss somebody.  When they're right beside you and you miss them anyway."

Julianne’s Choice
Who’s your favorite couple in love?

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