Monday, May 16, 2011

Holiday in Death Review

Holiday in Death by J.D. Robb
4 Stars

  No one likes to be alone during the holidays. And for New York's most posh dating service, Personally Yours, it is the season to bring lonely hearts together. But Lieutenant Eve Dallas, on the trail of a ritualistic serial killer, has made a disturbing discovery: All of the killer's victims have been traced to Personally Yours. As the murders continue, Eve enters an elite world of people searching for their one true love - and a killer searching for his next victim. A world where the power of love leads men and women into the ultimate act of betrayal...

  This is book 7 in the In Death series.  It was a tough and probably the hardest case for me so far.  Not only is there a serial killer on the loose, but he is also sexually attacking his victims.  This is rough on Eve.  It brings back all the memories from being a young girl and having a monster of a father (I can barely type that last word).  This case really wore down on Eve and I think it was also rough on Roarke.  This is the first time, and the last I suspect, that you see Roarke actually tired and wanting more sleep.  

  I loved seeing the lengths Roarke took to take care of Eve, even if it isn't what she wanted.  She definitely needed it and he knew that.  She can't rest until she gets her man, but the toll it takes on her is steep.  This installment of the In Death series just reaffirms that Eve is not only standing for justice, but she's fighting for the innocent victims.

  I am still amazed at how much Robb (Nora Roberts) is able to fit into her books.  The case, romance, the development and growth of relationships (romantic and friendly), the futuristic aspects of the world she has created, humor, heartfelt moments, backstories, and everything else in between.  She did not disappoint in Holiday.  

  Eve's relationships were strengthened and tested in this one.  There were times I felt for her, laughed with her and felt that she was a tad bit out of line.  But she's new to the whole family/friends thing, so it'll take time to figure it all out.  And I'm along for the ride.

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