Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Wednesday, I'm in Love...

It's Wednesday!  So that means we're already in the middle of the week, Hump Day, if you will.  Everyone needs a little pick-me-up around this time, right?  We decided that to help us get through the week we would share our favorite fictional love stories.  It can be a favorite of all time or from the book you're currently reading.  As long as it involves love, come on over and share!
This Wednesday, let’s discuss 
The couple that didn’t get together, but should have.  
You know, the guy that just never caught a break or the girl that can’t see what was right in front of her face.  Maybe he was from another world, and she couldn’t go with him.  Or one of them doesn’t survive the battle.  Whatever the reason, what couple would you liked to have gotten together?  
Monica’s Choice
In most cases, my favorite couplings are always the ones that survive in the end.  When we came up with this topic, a ton of movies rushed through my head, but I was at a loss for books.  Like, how the heck could Samantha pick Kelley over Jasper in Here on Earth?!  Chris Klein over Josh Hartnett? Sure...  Don’t even get me started on Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfried.  But we’re talking about books, I digress.  So I’ll pick a recent read, Paranormalcy by Kiersten White.  Warning: if you have not yet read this (go do so immediately) do not go any further.  Okay, so it’s a series and the second one just came out, so we don’t know for sure who Evie will end up with.  But I would have liked to see a little bit of action between Evie and Reth, other than the “ex factor.”  Make it a real love triangle, not just some mega-possessive faerie trying to hold her against her will forever.  Tension!  I need some tension!  And some of the consensual persuasion, not the kind that she doesn’t have a choice in her attraction.  Anyway, I’m hoping that there will be a little more drama between Evie and Reth in the second book, preferably with a bit of lip-locking action. 
Lindsey’s Choice
Like Monica, this question is very difficult for me.  While you read through my answer, it may take just a minute to read, but trust me, it did not take a minute to ponder this question.  Off the top of my head Aislinn and Keenan, from Wicked Lovely, are the first to jump in my thoughts.  Aislinn can see invisible faeries although she is a human.  If you love faerie books as much as I do, you know how cruel faeries are to humans.  They love to tease, taunt, and torture us (considering you're a human).  So for Aislinn, seeing faeries while they are wandering in the city, invisible, is a very dangerous thing.  If they recognize that she can see them, they are more than likely going to kill her.  She has a crush on a long time friend, Seth.  I wanted nothing more for them to be together.  She's had a crush on him for a long time and they flirt like crazy.  I loved it!  But Keenan, the Summer King, needs a wife.  The Summer Court depends on it.  They are withering away.  Keenan thinks Aislinn is "the one."  So who does she end up with?  Well, I guess it's obvious, considering the question and my answer.  Keenan still loves his previous wife, Aislinn loves Seth, but gosh darn it!  I want them together!
Julianne’s Choice
I love this question because there is actually a book I read a while back and I still am extremely disappointed in the girl's choice. The book is Nightshade by Andrea Cremer. Calla is the beautiful alpha female in her wolf pack. Ren is the handsome alpha male of her rival pack. Now these two have an arranged marriage to start a new pack and release tension between the rival packs. Then Shay comes along. He and Calla are supposedly "soulmates." So Calla and Shay begin to secretly see each other behind Ren's back, which honestly ticks me off. If you haven't already noticed I think that Calla should be with Ren. But no, she has to be with her "soulmate." My favorite scenes in the book are when Calla and Ren are together. My thoughts behind her reasoning for not wanting to be with him is that she is arranged to marry him and she has no choice. Then Shay comes along and ruins that, I mean then he comes along and shows that she can have a choice. The second novel just came out recently so there is hope yet for them to be together. I'll be crossing my fingers! TEAM REN FOREVER!
Who is involved in your least favorite couple in love?

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