Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday...

We’re joining in on the fun over at The Broke and the Bookish for their Top Ten Tuesday.  Today’s list is:
Top Ten Authors We Would DIE to Meet:
Monica’s List
Some of these authors I would literally have to die in order to meet and some I would just love to meet.
1. Charlotte Bronte - She is the author of my all-time favorite book, Jane Eyre.  I would like to bow at her feet.  Too much?
2. Edgar Allan Poe - Who wouldn’t like to meet this guy?  I would love to sit down and have a chat, hopefully not involving a thick haze of opium, but I’ll take what I can get.
3. Nora Roberts - One question, How does she do it?  Seriously, that woman is a writing machine.
4. Cassandra Clare - I would like to meet the woman responsible for creating Jace and thank her.
5. Sarah Addison Allen - I love her writing and would love to sit down for a little chat about the magical world she creates in small town North Carolina.
6. Jane Austen - Mr. Darcy, Captain Wentworth, Elizabeth Bennet, need I say more?
7. Louisa May Alcott - I love everything she has ever written.  She’s an amazing writer.
8. Shannon Hale - Not only do I enjoy her books, but she’s hilarious.  I love her blog where she updates quite regularly.  
9. Ann M. Martin - She is one of the reasons I love reading.  Babysitters Club kept me up late into the night.  
10. Mary Downing Hahn - She introduced me to the world of Paranomal and I haven’t looked back since.
Lindsey’s List
1. Edgar Allen Poe-I have a little bit of a dark side to me and I love his.
2.  Laura Ingalls Wilder-She was my favorite author when I was younger.  There are people who fantasise about laying out on the beach in some tropical paradise but I fantasise about simpler times.  No AC, no cars, real work to be done.  I would love to go back to those times.  (and when I say no AC I wont be living in the South).
3.  Dr. Suess-I love poems, I love rhymes, I love color and imagination, I love Dr. Suess.
4.  Maurice Sendak-Another children's author.  His book, Where the Wild Things Are, has always stuck with me.  My girls love this book and my youngest reminds me Max.  I want to write a children's book someday and I would love Sendak's pointers.
5. L.J. Smith-I first read her first Vampire Diaries book around 15 years ago.  I was a young girl who loved vampire stories and had a hard time finding a good book.  I love her vampire books and I would love to thank her personally.
6.  Shannon Hale-I haven't read all her books but I love the ones I have read.  Goose Girl was my favorite which leads to my next author(s).
7.  The Brothers Grimm-I love fairy tales and I love that they put together children's fairy tales.  I have a collection of their fairy tales and I love to read them.  I loved reading Goose Girl and then Shannon Hale wrote her version of Goose Girl.  I'm going to go in a bit of a circle here.  Shannon Hale reminded me of Goose Girl, Goose Girl reminded me of Brothers Grimm, Brothers Grimm made me think of how much I love fairy tales, I realized how many times I was saying love, which made me think of Molly Shannon, which made me think of her SNL skit "I love it!  I love it!  I love it!"
8.  Jane Austen-I feel like if I didn't want to meet her there would be something wrong with me.
9.  Oscar Wilde-My favorite book of his is The Picture of Dorian Grey.  He just sounds like an interesting guy.  I'd love to talk to him about Dorian Grey.  I always wanted more of that story.
10.  Monica Blood-Ok, ok, so I have obviously met her but she lives too far away!  I don't know if any of you know, but she is writing a book herself.  Ever since she was a little girl she has had this amazing ability to write.  I love reading what she writes.  I could seriously sit for hours and read her thoughts.  She cracks me up and she makes me proud that she's my sister.  I'm such a goob.  I've got tears streaming down my face right now as I type this, thinking of my sister.  I love you sis!  Can't wait to see you.
Julianne’s List
These are in no particular order whatsoever. Well except for the first one. She is my absolute favorite.
1. J.K. ROWLING - She wrote my all time favorite book series. EVER. Why wouldn't I want to meet her? She also introduced me to the wonderful world of reading. Without her, I wouldn't be the bookworm that I am today.
2. SUZANNE COLLINS - Hunger Games... need I say more? She also introduced me to the world of dystopian novels.
3. J.R.R. TOLKIEN - The whole world that he created just amazed me. I want to know how he came up with it all.
4. C.S. LEWIS - Narnia?? I still look for portals there any chance I get. Mostly in big gigantic wardrobes.
5. KELLEY ARMSTRONG - I just can't seem to get enough of her paranormal series. I have read it again and again. And I would like to thank her.
6. CASSANDRA CLARE - Like Monica has said I would love to thank her for creating the wonderful man that is Jace. And her new boys Ash and Will... is it possible for her to not create beautiful men???
7. LIBBA BRAY - Her books are just so wonderfully dark, aren't they?
8. CHRISTOPHER PAOLONI - Not only did he write Eragon when he was fifteen, but it is one of the most amazing series I have ever read. I'm still anxiously waiting for his final book Inheritence to come out this fall! EEEEKKK I CAN'T WAIT!
9. SHANNON HALE - I just simply LOVE her books. Goose Girl is always my go-to book on a rainy day.
10. LOUSIA MAY ALCOTT - I remember when my mom and sisters kept egging me on to read Little Women and I just didn't want to. Then I did and I fell in love with this woman. To this day Old-Fashioned Girl is still one of my favorites.
Who would you like to meet?

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Lisa B. said...

Hmmmmm. 10 Authors. Emily Dickenson, Thoreau, John Steinbeck, Captain Moroni, Isaiah, Bruce R. Mckonkie, Barbra Kingsolver, Anita Diamant, Khaled Hosseini, Suzanne Collins. Not sure if I spelled those names right, but there is my list!!!