Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Blog Hop

It’s time for Parajunkee’s Friday Blog Hop.  This week’s question is a bit different than normal, but I’m sure an answer instantly pops into everyone’s mind.
Q. Let's step away from besties...What is the worst book that you've ever read and actually finished?

The answer for me is Lord of the Flies by William Golding (I’m sure I’m quite in the minority).  Couldn’t stand it, it still gives me the shudders every time I think of its disturbing contents.  

I had to read Walking Across Egypt by Clyde Edgerton when I was a sophomore.  I'm sure I had to read it because it is another one of those classics but I did NOT enjoy it.  There is this one scene from the book that has been burned into my memory.  The boy, I don't remember his name, has had a rough life and finds himself at this old woman's house.  He's filthy and has never had a bath before.  It's probably supposed to be one of those great, meaningful scenes where he cleanses himself, but I couldn't get rid of the image.  He lays in the tub letting his pelvis rise and fall in the water.  YUCK!!!  I never want to think about a boy/man talking a bath again. 

A book that just gives me the creeps every time I think about it, which is extremely rare, is Bliss by Lauren Myracle. It started out okay, and then it took a turn for the worse very quickly. It is still hard for me to not remember a certain part of the book that involves and very disturbed girl and her creepy relationship with her cats.

What’s the worst book that you’ve ever read?


Anonymous said...

I hated Lord of the Flies as well! Have you read Libba Bray's Beauty Queens? It's supposed to be somewhat of a response to Lord of the Flies and it's hilarious! Great blog!

Ninja Girl said...

I thank the Lord every day that I didn't have to read this one. In sophmore year, it was either this or To Kill A Mocking Bird, and thank goodness our teacher picked the right one :) Love Harper Lee, pretty sure I would've hated Lord of the Flies.
Good pick and I'm following you now!
Ninja Girl

cmd409 said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. I read LOTF in high school, so I don't really remember it. But, I liked the movie :) I haven't heard of the other book.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

~Christy @ Love of Books

Lea said...

New follower here!

Haha wow, I never realized there were so many people who hated reading Lord of the Flies-- I LOVED this book in high school, and still do! I can remember that I was one of the few who did though ;)

You can see my FF for this week at the link below, would love it if you stopped by! Have a great weekend :)

Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. Lord of the Flies is a popular answer. I'm glad I never had to read it.
My Hop

Alyssa (Reader's Refuge) said...

Ugh. I HATED Lord of the Flies. I haven't heard of the other two books. New follower hopping through! Hope you're all having a good weekend. :)

Reader's Refuge