Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Night! Movie Night!

If we’re not talking about books, we’re probably discussing movies.  Even better, movies adapted from books.  Whether it’s which actors should play what character or what we picture the book’s world looking like on the silver screen, we’ll spend hours  deciding just what will make the movie perfect.  
This Friday will be dedicated to discussing what movies we think are better than the books they are based on.
I recently read Beastly by Alex Flinn.  I struggled through it for most of the book.  For the most part, first person narrative doesn’t bother me, but it did here.  And if I hadn't been reading it for a book club, I probably would not have finished.  The main character, Kyle, is arrogant, disrespectful, vain, and downright unlikable.  Then he gets cursed and has to break the spell before the deadline set by the witch.  IMO, he never redeems himself, he still is an arrogant jerk and I never grow to like him.  Now, in the movie, it’s a different story.  I actually liked the movie, didn’t love it, but I was entertained enough to watch it again. Kyle is much more likable and I actually believe he wants to be a better person.  It was so much better than the book that I’ll even forgive Vanessa Hudgens her monotone voice.  So head to your nearest video store or a Redbox and check it out.  
What is you favorite book-turned-movie?

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