Monday, September 26, 2011

Vampire Academy

   Oh, Vampire Academy.  I am having a love/hate relationship with this series.  Sometimes it moves slow, gets kind of boring, but then there are times I am bawling my eyes out (it could be hormones, but still) or biting my nails during a scene.  It definitely runs the gamut.  I almost gave up on this series after book 1 (Vampire Academy), but decided to give book 2 (Frostbite) a try.  During Frostbite, I kept thinking, This is the last book in the series I’m reading.  Snore-fest.  But then I got a little more than halfway through and I was hooked.  I delved right into book 3 (Shadow Kiss) and didn’t take a break.  It was shocking and full of action, and heartbreaking.  
   So I immediately jumped into book 4 (Blood Promise).  Bo-oring!  I was so bored through most of it.  Maybe it offered a breather in between 3 and 5 (implied hope that 5 picks up).  Almost none of our favorite characters show up, except when Rose uses the bond to get into Lissa’s mind.  And even then I kind of skimmed over those parts.  I love Adrian.  Love him.  Give me more Adrian!  I hope there is more of him in books 5 and 6 (okay, I’ll admit, I read a few spoilers, so I know what I have coming up).  The end though, that makes everything before it pardonable.  I’ll still give it a good glare every now and again, but I’ll try not to trash talk too much.    
   And let’s talk about characters for a minute.  I love Rose.  I think she’s pretty bad ass in her own young, teenage way.  She is tough, compassionate and determined.  But she has flaws, lots of them.  She doesn’t stop to think and just acts, she argues with her fists, and doesn’t ever think to ask for help.  But one thing I really like about her is that she grows.  She accepts that she isn’t perfect and does something about it.  I admire that in a heroine.  I get tired of the Miss Perfects in Fictionland, and Rose is definitely not one of those.  I’m actually on the fence about Lissa.  Princess Dragomir.  I don’t think she is grateful enough for everything Rose goes through for her.  She kind of lives her pampered little life where everyone loves her.  Yet, she is also growing.  Her ideas for the future of her people are radical, but noble.  She seems to want to be more than just royalty.  I have a feeling I’ll like her more as I get into the last books.  Dmitri.  Hot, sexy, strong Dmitri.  What else can I say about Dmitri?  He is such a heartbreaking character, no?  I can’t say much without spoiling anything, but get it together, dude!  Adrian, you scoundrel, I believe I am on your team.  Your tortured soul and heart, how could I not love you?  Rich, handsome, snarky, and available, you want the only girl NOT available.  And yet, I still cheer for you.  And the list goes on.  Mead has definitely created an amazing cast of characters, whether they be lovable or hatable, they are real in my little mind.  
  A few other nit-picks.  Why don't the dhampirs ever question what they're doing?  They are practically created only to protect the Moroi.  Their lives are not their own.  And if they choose to do something else, they are shunned, or worse, called blood whores.  But nobody questions this.  Not even rebellious, authority hater Rose.  Don't they think they are worth more than being someone else's bodyguard?  What about their choices, their lives, their love?  And I don't think it's because their selfless.  Nope, it's not that.  And it's not because they're brainwashed, they are all pretty intelligent individuals.  So why is it they don't fight for their own lives?  And how can Rose kill - SLAUGHTER - countless numbers of Strigoi, but she couldn't take on three human henchmen with two other dhampirs by her side (Shadow Kiss)?

Now on to book 5 (Spirit Bound), I go.  The rest of my week is devoted to this roller coaster of a series.  And then I’m starting Mead’s spinoff series, Bloodlines.  Wish me luck!


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